20 Things You Cannot Buy In North Korea

10 Regular objects men and women cannot find in North Korea.

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Because of strict United Nations sanctions and the harsh rules set in place by the North Korean government, its residents are limited in terms of what they can buy. You probably don’t think twice about buying a house, purchasing a Starbucks coffee, stocking up on sanitary napkins, or booking a weekend vacation. However, many North Koreans won’t be able to experience these things. If you’d like to see a list of items you can’t buy in the country, make sure to watch our video: 20 Things You Cannot Buy In North Korea.

Did you know that buying a Coca-Cola is impossible to do in the country? Well, actually, it’s not entirely impossible. The soda brand doesn’t operate in North Korea at all, but that hasn’t stopped its citizens from bringing in counterfeit Coke from China. Another product that can’t be purchased in North Korea is Apple’s iPad. However, their leader, Kim Jong-un, is reportedly a fan of Apple products. Go figure!

The citizens are also banned from purchasing hair dye to color their hair, magazines that aren’t approved by the government, and music from foreign and local artists. Not only that, condoms aren’t readily available either, they’re unable to get access to medicine to treat common ailments and viruses, and they aren’t allowed to buy Christmas trees during the holidays. Make sure you watch our video to find out why!

We’ll show you even more shocking things you can’t buy in the country, including real estate, WiFi, healthcare, fertilizer, cable TV, DVD players, jeans, and cigarettes. After you watch our video and let us know which of these banned items surprised you the most.

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  1. The media brainwashed people? More like the other way around. They don’t allow outside information so they can’t be judged. aka. brainwashing.

  2. i have never ate anything at McDonalds, i dont regret that, i havent eaten trash either, also dont regret that

  3. For the people saying they feel bad for the North Koreas just know that they think that their Retarded fat president (No idea how to say his stupid name) is from a sacred bloodline that originated from God *Proceeds to grab gun and puts in mouth*

  4. Just a notice but noone “owns” a house. It always remains goverment property because it’s a building on top of soil and everything upon the soil is goverment property. In a nutshell you don’t own any property.

  5. Here in Philippine a lot product from Korea but I’m heat that product verry cheap but not good I don’t like a Korean product grrrrrrrr

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