1. lmao north Korea aren’t shit compare to us, we’re
    the best contruy in the fucking world, we have the strongest army, lmao they fr wanna go to war we can make them go extinct 💯 💯

  2. What in the tarnation? He must be licking the asses of the liberals. Here we got a crazy man throwing out missiles all over the dang place and threatening countries and this man attacks our President for being locked and loaded and ready. I wish I could throw rotten tomatoes at this jerk.

  3. “NK acting more responsible than president.”
    >Has been threatening nuclear war, hoping to kill millions over a grudge held since the Korean War
    >Has constantly insulted world leaders
    >Starving his own population
    >Concentration camps
    Damn, some people are just as brainwashed as the people in North Korea are.

  4. Ellison, You are so full of Shit. He knows history. If he wanted war we would already be at War. You are right on one thing. That is we should come together, BUT that doesn’t mean wait for NK to hit the USA with a nuke missile.

  5. 3 things we need to do to succeed. Get rid of North Korea, Iran and liberals which are cancer to our society.

  6. Nobody ever has successfully delt with N Korea. NOBODY.
    POTUS is playing his cards
    and the situation isn’t closed. De-escalation may still occur. Pray.

  7. ask the cock sucker why my local sheriff’s and LE has been attacking me since high school, and selling all the drugs in my city… in Mobtana.

  8. We need North Korea to Nuke us. We are so full of hate and disrespect. like 911. All the chicks run for the cover of mother hen at any trouble.

  9. F#$@ that I don’t wanna die because two mad men in other country’s wanna nuke the shit out of the world 😨

  10. American bombed the shit out of north koria in the 50’s,,what fucking diplomacy is he talking about?! North koria is doing these threats as a prevention measure,,I ain’t liberal or conservative ,I am on the side of sanity,,it very interasting that America needs a reason to attack north korea,,after all they took out saddam and gadafee for no reason,,people in the comment section, do you have altzhimers? America should remove every sanction and stop making millitary exercises next of north koria ,stop talking about north korea ,and if north koria really attacks you can spend 2 days taking out nk’s infostructure and try to kill kim in an air strike,and move on ,don’t invade ,stop the useless invasions, ignore that fat bitch ,he is a murderous phiscopath, but he ain’t stupid ,,,we have been burned enough by useless invasions, in fact every single invasion America did after ww2 hurt the American relations,,I hate Kim Jong un ,,but I know for %100 that it is in America’s best interasting to butt out

  11. Trump is puppet anyway. There will be a war. The USA gov is pushing trump into one. The orange monkey is perfect. Media is creating fear.

  12. If they the “celebrities ” believe kim is more responsible than trump, then please move there.

  13. Please stop referring to North Korea as “NOKO”. No reason other than the fact that it annoys the hell out of me. Thank you.

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