1. Wow. Can you imagine being a soldier there, standing at attention across from your enemy, staring at them every day? How weird..

  2. North Koreans arent very smart.
    They look like they could handle a war….but….truth is they are very weak.
    Out of date….out of touch.
    Wishful thinking on their part!

  3. What he doesn’t realize is for the last 17 years American Forces have been in
    real time battle and training for moments like this..HE HAS NO REAL TIME BATTLE EXPERIENCE

  4. N.K. Winning against the United States is like putting a poodle into a fight with a Doberman. 😂 America will defeat and crush anorexic North Korea. There’s a reason we’re the only super power in the world. Keep up the wishful thinking widdle snowflakes.

  5. chubby little asian chipmunk rocketman needs to remember sadam hussein “mother of all battles”!!!

  6. How brainwashed are these people? There is no way they will win, I hope it doesn’t come down to it. Maybe if we can just take out that fat little bastard I’m sure NK’s people will cheer.

  7. What would one expect the skinny NK mouthpiece to say . If he says the wrong thing , his family will be executed . Why isn’t there a total travel ban to NK from the States and what kind of idiot would want to be there at a time like this ?

  8. Ask a malnourished, indoctrinated from birth border guard who is going to win. What is he gonna say, “oh yeah you will defeat us easily.” Lol

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