Trump hints ‘calm before storm’ remark was about North Korea

US President Trump appears to confirm he had North Korea in mind when he made “calm before the storm” comment.

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  1. Iran seems naive, storm isn’t military, it’s economic ATTRITION war. Decertification of iran deal isn’t about nukes, it’s just an EXCUSE for SECONDARY SANCTIONS and blackmail of european companies to choose iran or US market but not both.

    Javad Zarif is good but US/Zionists are launching a FULL economic war worse than 2011-2015. Oct 9th US even delivered 8 Million barrels oil at lost 2$ cheaper than iranian oil.

    I love you guys but you act like a child against an adult monster, very angry since you kicked their ass in south lebanon in 2006. And now Zionists are paranoiac of golan height close to your forces. They’ll shake the planet to weaken iran, and you can win but gotta WAKE-UP at the necessary level.

    Just iran great food won’t make it. This war is less military, limited to east euphrates but mostly ATTRITION economic war. Javad Zarif charm won’t be enough.

  2. sorry but i agree with Donald trump we need to press the button on Kim Nuke Un (rocket man) pheeeeeuw Boom ( fireworks )

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