Whoopi RIPS INTO Pence For Not Respecting North Korea At Olympic – IMMEDIATELY Regrets It!

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Whoopi RIPS INTO Pence For Not Respecting North Korea At Olympic – IMMEDIATELY Regrets It!

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Whoopi RIPS INTO Pence For Not Respecting North Korea At Olympic – IMMEDIATELY Regrets It! : https://youtu.be/WKXojkIgo4k

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Whoopi RIPS INTO Pence For Not Respecting North Korea At Olympic – IMMEDIATELY Regrets It! : https://youtu.be/WKXojkIgo4k

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  2. R-E-S-PE-C-T…….Ha Ha Ha…YOU DESERVE A KICK IN THE COW CUNT……Or your MANGINA Whichever you call IT….WHHHHHHOOOOOOPPPPPIIIIIIIIIII……Choke on a Twinkey lard ass….

  3. How much is Whoopi getting payed or she just to blind to see what happened during 16 dems in power (with NK and the rest of the world)?!

  4. Anyone with the name Whoopi, cannot possibly be taken seriously on any platform, especially if they choose “RATBRAIDS” as a coif…

  5. Whoopi go to north Korea to live for 5 years then shout about suppression . It’s easy to shout/moan at a safe place but go to these countries and see in there eyes .

  6. Those nasty bitches on the view pack your bags and move to north Korea. You don’t deserve to live in the United States

  7. Whoopi why don’t you go over in live in No Korea an see what it is like before you blast are VP with your totaly racist ignorant statements.

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